* Valuable Black Tahitian Pearls AAA+A10mm ROSE BEADS ROSARY CROSS Maximize

elegantmedical Valuable Black Tahitian Pearls AAA+A10mm ROSE BEADS ROSARY CROSS

Pearl Shape :AAA+A high Quality and Excellent luster
and Perfect Round and Smooth surface
Bead Size:10 mm
Rosary:60 cm Length from the cross to the end
Cross:5.5 cm in Hight
Weight:280 g
Condition:Brand New, Never Wear

Last Supper Rosary box :  3.5 X 1.2"

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* Valuable Black Tahitian Pearls AAA+A10mm ROSE BEADS ROSARY CROSS

You are bid a high quality * Black Tahitian Pearls AAA 10mm Real Natural Pearl ROSE BEADS ROSARY & CROSS,Super high luster,no blemish on the surface, Condition is Brand New! Never wear! Please note these pearls are not a synthetic or man-made item , Please don't Miss it!
It has Shaped Super Big Rosary,With Each Speclal Designation Bead Being Round.Well Kept with no cracks at all.Its appearance and quality are excellent.

Offering for your spiritual life, witness wear, or gift giving, a stunning religious rosary from olden oridental. This Rosaryis so one size Fits most teens/adults,Very stylish and unique, great religious's witness wear, great prayer reminder, and thanks for looking.
I'm sorry due to the limit of my camera, I cannot present the complete beauty of this bead to you. If you have the chance to get this Rosary, please don't forget to admire it under light.This Rosary will become part of your life!

If you have any questions or you need more information about this or any other product, please email me.Please take a moment to browse through the other lovely jewelry items in my store, and add me to your
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Object:Black Tahitian Pearls AAA+A 10 mm Natural Pearl ROSE BEADS ROSARY & CROSS
Pearl Shape :AAA+A high Quality and Excellent luster
and Perfect Round and Smooth surface
Bead Size:10 mm
Rosary:60 cm Length from the cross to the end
Cross:5.5 cm in Hight
Weight:280 g
Condition:Brand New, Never Wear

Last Supper Rosary box :  3.5 X 1.2"

Black Tahitian Pearls: frequently referred to as Black Tahitian Pearls, are highly valued because of their rarity; the culturing process for them dictates a smaller volume output and can never be mass produced. This is due to bad health and/or non-survival of the process, rejection of the nucleus (the small object such as a tiny fish, grain of sand or crab that slips naturally inside an oyster's shell or inserted by a human), and their sensitivity to changing climatic and ocean conditions. Before the days of cultured pearls, black pearls were rare and highly valued for the simple reason that white pearl oysters rarely produced natural black pearls, and black pearl oysters rarely produced any natural pearls at all. Since pearl culture technology, the black pearl oyster found in Tahiti and many other Pacific Island area has been extensively used for producing cultured pearls. The rarity of the black cultured pearl is now a "comparative" issue.

The black cultured pearl is rare when compared to Chinese freshwater cultured pearls, and Japanese and Chinese Akoya cultured pearls, and is more valuable than these pearls. However, it is more abundant than the south sea pearl, which is more valuable than the black cultured pearl. This is simply due to the fact that the black pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera is far more abundant than the elusive, rare, and larger south sea pearl oyster - Pinctada maxima, which cannot be found in lagoons, but which must be dived for in a rare number of deep ocean habitats.

Black cultured pearls from the black pearl oyster - Pinctada margaritifera - are NOT south sea pearls, although they are often mistakenly described as black south sea pearls. In the absence of an official definition for the pearl from the black oyster, these pearls are usually referred to as "black Tahitian pearls". The correct definition of a south sea pearl - as described by CIBJO and the GIA - is a pearl produced by the Pinctada maxima pearl oyster. South sea pearls are the color of their host Pinctada maxima oyster - and can be white, silver, pink, gold, cream, and any combination of these basic colors, including overtones of the various colors of the rainbow displayed in the pearl nacre of the oyster shell itself

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Black Tahitian Pearls
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Tahitian - French Polynesia:French Polynesia (French: Polynésie fran?aise, Tahitian: Porinetia Farani) is a French overseas collectivity in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is made up of several groups of Polynesian islands, the most famous island being Tahiti in the Society Islands group, which is also the most populous island and the seat of the capital of the territory (Papeete). Although not an integral part of its territory, Clipperton Island was administered from French Polynesia until 2007.

Economy of French Polynesia:French Polynesia has a moderately developed economy, which is dependent on imported goods, tourism, and the financial assistance of mainland France. Tourist facilities are well developed and are available on the major islands. Also, as the noni fruit from these islands is discovered for its medicinal uses, people have been able to find jobs related to this agricultural industry.

The legal tender of French Polynesia is the CFP Franc.
Agriculture: coconuts, vanilla, vegetables, fruits.
Natural resources: timber, fish, cobalt.
The major export of French Polynesia is their famous black Tahitian pearls.

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Q: Are these real genuine pearls?
A: Yes, I am selling to you 100% real genuine pearls (all the pearls)
Q: You say these are real pearls, why the prices are so low?
A: because I am a original supplier, and my Nun Sister Professional Hand Knotted Each Pearl Rosary, and offer the finest pearls jewelry at very low prices.

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